Automation of event management at Sanofi
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Sanofi, international French pharmaceutical company. Sanofi is of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, operating in more than one hundred countries.
Key Challenges

Any event within the framework of a business is more than just a single action - it is designed to develop, concretize and emphasize close and distant goals, open prospects and ways of their implementation. The objectives of any event are:

• exchange of professional experience;

• employee training;

• demonstration of ideas, values and content of the company’s work;

• formation of the company’s business image;

• as well as attracting new clients and partners.

Our company always sets realistic deadlines, without creating unrealistic deadlines and without delaying the dead-line. This project included several stages of creation:

1. Event planning: goals, objectives, format (conferences, seminars, dealer events, business forums, round tables, professional and industry exhibitions, business receptions and trainings).

2. Hosting an event.

3. Disclosure of the work done to the state. This stage can be called the most responsible. All pharmaceutical companies, due to the fact that they deal with people's lives and public health, are strictly regulated by the state. At the end of its work, the company must report on the activities carried out and make all their data open. All this is carried out thanks to the work of our platform and its integration with various platforms in an automatic mode, when all the necessary data is received by government agencies.

All stages of planning are integrated with more than a dozen different systems: payroll accounting, HR, marketing system, etc.

Subsequently, the system was refined and polished for about two years until it worked perfectly, when all wishes were taken into account.

After the system successfully passed the active launch stage, it was supported and refined by a team of 1 developer and 2 technical support people. In 2021, the functioning of the project and platform was completely transferred to the customer, which allows him to currently provide technical support and implement his solutions without involving iSystemz developers.

  • 3 months
    implementation period

  • 10
    integrations with other company systems

  • 2 years
    of operation

  • 30 000+
    events created

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